6th International Forum LafargeHolcim. “Rematerializing Construction”

6th International Forum LafargeHolcim. “Rematerializing Construction”

Forum LafargeHolcim is composed by three year-conferences relate to sustainable construction (built by LafargeHolcim Foundation). 6th International Forum LafargeHolcim “Rematerializing Construction” was from 4 to 6 of April 2019 at the American University in the Cairo.

There were more than 1.200 people in this Forum composed by conferences, workrooms and excursions. The base of everything, the main strategy was “rematerializing construction” in order to reduce the consumption of materials.

Rematerializing is from extraction until processing materials; as well as transport, installation and maintenance. There is a clear aim: leave as little ecological damage as possible.

The opening conferences were led by members of the management board Foundation: Maria Atkinson Am (Founding CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia) and Alejandro Aravena (Partner Architect and Executive Director of Elemental, Chile)

Four workrooms were organized and each one was focused on different matters:

  1. Changing paradigms (materials for a world not yet built)
  2. Changing flows
  3. From manual to digital and vice versa
  4. Catch 22

Workrooms were rewarding was thankful to the contributions from 50 experts of construction sector (from different countries).

Our Miami architecture firms has as aim maximum sustainability with the resources of our immediate surroundings and finding the least impactful solution for the environment. We have the LEED accreditation, so our work are accredited as sustainable buildings.

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