Design your home to measure, sustainable and respectful of the environment

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Design your home to measure, sustainable and respectful of the environment

Climate change is not a story of the future, it is current and it has effects on the environment. This confirms the importance of our actions being both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

From our architectural studio we can design your home using techniques and systems that allow the incorporation of natural elements since we have LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a system that certifies sustainable buildings, which can be new single-family homes, renovated buildings or even entire neighborhoods.

This certification is made up of standards and requirements that, once fulfilled, we are faced with buildings certified as sustainable. It was developed by the US Green Building Council in 1993.

If a Miami Contemporary Designer designs your home to measure, sustainable and environmentally friendly these are the characteristics it will have:

  • Sustainable building materials and resources.
  • Resources and materials that respect the environment.
  • Energy efficiency from the moment construction begins.
  • Water use: both when it is built and when it is finished. It was designed from the beginning to reuse water and prevent leaks.
  • Control of the indoor environment that allows it to be inhabited and without the need to resort to more energy to heat or cool the environment.
  • Houses with the latest design, in which eco-efficient resources play the main role.

The characteristics of the dwelling have been listed above, but the benefits should also be known. Some of these benefits would be:

  • Reduction of waste sent to landfills.
  • Healthy and safe buildings for the occupants.
  • Reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Benefits for tax deductions.
  • A sign that the owners are aware of the importance of caring for the environment.


If you are committed to the environment and need the services of a Miami Designer for your home project you are in the right place. Besides, it would not only be the construction but also help you with the interior design. Create unique, comfortable and practical places (where all the space is used).

In short, as a Miami Interior Designer, I would like to give you an integral project to satisfy all your home needs and also to contribute with a small grain of sand to the environmental problems of the planet.

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