“Flipping Houses”, a profitable real estate investment.

“Flipping Houses”, a profitable real estate investment.

“Flipping houses” is considered as a fast negotiation option where between purchase, repairs and resales, it is necessary just three or four months. After the real estate bubble burst and the financial crisis of 2008 this type of business is becoming a main factor within real estate sector.

In this business form you purchase properties from great demand areas, low prices and privates banking assets. Investors purchase a property is rehabilitated by professionals for later sale. In this way the assessed value of house has increased.

Everybody cannot do this activity due to the fact that it is required a high amount of capital, liaisons who show “business opportunities”, an architect with a professional team specialized in reforms of housings and a real estate agency which advertises the new property.

This type of business needs several factors in order to be successful; however, the role of architect is one of the most important. What revalorizes the purchased property is the investment in its rehabilitation or reform and the architect is key to changing the house. The hiring of an architect to renovating a house grants several advantages such as:

  • As professional will give several options and alternatives, trying to fit the budget that costumers give him. He review the design and financial viability.
  • Create original, exclusive and personalized designs tailored to the particular needs of customers in order to take advantage of every last corner of the house.
  • Bring creativity and solutions for the decoration, new lighting and furniture to the new place.
  • They are concerned about finding the best solution relate to the entrance of natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Optimise the new installations to save future costs.
  • A proper use will be made of materials and interior finishes in relation to quality, appearance, durability and cost.
  • The architect will develop the project, but he will also control every detail of the execution of the job by the construction company. Ensuring that it is carried out according to the project and solving any unforeseen problems.
  • A completely defined and feasible project is to save time and money, besides with the guarantee that it will be a good investment both in the medium and the long term.
  • Another benefit is that the architect can help with the proceedings and formalities Municipal are needed such as licenses, insurances, etc. In order to be able to carry out the relevant jobs, building permits are required which will depend on the city council. A type of permit will be required according to the construction job and each permit will need a different amount of documentation and price. We are specialized in Miami home inspection. In this way, an unexpected visit by an inspector shall not give rise to a violation to the property and an increase in costs.

As Miami Interior Designer and Miami Architect an aware well of each aspect to take into account for different projects and get a perfect final result. Granting customers with all the advantages mentioned above.

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