Why invest in Miami and trust our architectural studio?

Why invest in Miami and trust our architectural studio?

According to Miami Association of Realtors report, the south Florida real estate market would no longer be within the past financial crisis. Data from January 2018 have shown an increase of sales of apartments and detached houses such as luxury properties, even foreign investment increase during 2017. It is the perfect place for a Miami European Designer works and make a professional career in this city.

Miami could be considered as the center of new developments in south Florida, due to there is a building boom. A high demand, few properties and low interest rates have developed a perfect situation in order to development companies invest in the city. Market of Miami is characterized by modern and innovative buildings. There is a luxury market where architects and designers are competing in order to offer creative and innovative projects.

Why choose our studio to support your developer’s project?

Customer who decide to place all their trust in the acquisition as well as construction in the homes that are offered by the promoters. From Fernandez Architecture we can give ideas in order to design and develop of building of new technology and we adapt them to different life styles. Each project has its own steps in order to offer efficiency as well as reliability.

In each construction project we integrate the development of an idea, elaboration of the necessary technical documents and a budget. Time is estimated and controlled in each project. Besides we include the identification, estimation and minimization of risks (economy and security) and we follow the requirements of each place.

With years of experience behind us and knowledge within the sector in order to projects of building or family residences. Our global vision for each project achieves an effective results with the best resources and quality.

We know how project are inside an out and our values are the next ones:

  • Professionalism: all the service are performed by professionals with experience in different projects.
  • Honesty: we believe in the development of projects being transparent and honest.
  • Effort: any project requires the application of effort to achieve the best results.
  • Implication: we take on every project we manage as our own, so we have fun at work.
  • Empathy: we look the motivations, needs and what they care about of our customers.
  • Confidentiality: projects require confidentiality because they are develop under a strategic, investment and financing areas.

Besides as Miami European Designer the design part will be specially studied in order to achieve building with modern styles and sustainable to help the environment. And without forgetting that we can design with techniques and systems which allow natural materials because we have LEED certification.

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