New developments guarantee the best with the new Florida Building Code

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New developments guarantee the best with the new Florida Building Code

Over the years and weather damage the structures of buildings. To some extent, this decreases the safety and comfort of occupants. The advantage of the new ones is that those buildings guarantee more security than the old ones. As Miami European Designer, I work always to offer the best for my customers.

Florida is considered one of the main tourist destinations in North America for its warm and pleasant climate. It is a perfect place to live due to mild winters and long warm summers. From time to time Florida suffers from hurricanes but the buildings are more and more prepared. As a Miami modern architect, these phenomena are taken into account for the best results.

One of the reasons why buildings and houses are safer is thanks to the Florida Building Code (FBC). The FBC is composed of a set of standards designed by the state of Florida. It consists of a series of regulations and reference guides in relation to hurricane protection. Currently in force the sixth edition of 2017, this code is also constantly updated with the aim of improving construction results.

At this new edition there are different codes for buildings, residences, buildings, energy, fuel, plumbing, mechanical and test protocols for HVHZ. As Miami Architect Housing worked based on FBC.

The construction of new homes, based on the FBC, are increasingly safer while comfortable. Both characteristics improve the quality of life of the occupants. Besides there are more advantages of the new homes:

  • There is a great variety of housing on the new building developments (different structures, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) You can choose the one that best adjusted to your lifestyle, family members, needs, etc.
  • As we said before, there are developers who will offer you the possibility of making some changes to the plan before the houses are built.
  • If you choose a new house, it will be ready to move in and enjoy it from day one, due to the fact that there will be all the features needed. Everything you needed an architect designed for you.
  • Greater energy efficiency. Newly homes must meet a number of electrical supply requirements. From our architecture firm, we design houses using techniques as well as systems with natural elements incorporated. Thanks to the LEED certification.
  • New homes are usually built in residential areas which means: noise reduction, parking, green areas, etc. All these characteristics means that you have a better quality of life.
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