In your unique home project, look for natural light

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In your unique home project, look for natural light

Lighting in architecture encompasses several light treatment techniques focused mainly on lighting interior and exterior spaces. These techniques are taken into account in architecture and interior design, where lighting systems are designed with natural or electric light (or mixed) according to the needs of those who use the space.

In the past, electric light was considered to be a supplier of light; however, lighting is more than just a working element, it also plays an important role in the aesthetics and design of the space.

As a Miami European Designer, I have made projects that are unique because they have a personalized design and where several aspects have to be taken into account such as:

  • The activities to be carried out.
  • How much light is needed.
  • Light distribution according to the space (interior or exterior)
  • Colour of light (colour temperature)

From our Miami Designer studio, we can help you to create a unique, custom-designed project where you can take advantage of all the advantages of natural light in your home. Natural light has a variety of benefits such as deal with depression, increasing creativity, joy and well-being in the environment. It is also the best lighting capable of providing greater value and spatial quality.

One of the factors to take into account is the distribution, this factor is vital importance when giving way to light in the home. Therefore, the best option is the intercommunicated and open floors. The rooms that have more activity in the hours of light are the kitchen, the dining room and the living room; if you decide to join them you will gain space for use is because you Will have areas full of light.

But if you do not want the communication between rooms, you can opt glass enclosures instead of partitions. It is also possible to choose to create interior windows or to have the partitions made of furniture that is openworked or even partitions that do not reach the ceiling. In the same way that we talk about walls, doors can also be made with glass (totally or partially) and natural light will be obtained.

A Miami European Designer will consider the location of the windows that are part of the architectural design, and will need to consider their layout as well as the layout of the interior. The orientation of the windows would be chosen the most favorable taking into account the climate and the place where the house is located. If you are expanding your home, natural light will be taken into account so that existing spaces (with light) are not lost it.

If we also want light to enter every corner it will be important that the walls, floors and ceilings are light coloured (a way of gaining light when it is reflected). In this regard, we must pay attention to the furniture and upholstery, because if they take up enough space and are at the same time dark, they will absorb a lot of light.

Also, don’t forget the role of the interior court to give natural light or the help of this light to make-up in the bathroom. The interior courts are spaces that bring part of nature into our home. They help to regulate the temperature of the home, make it comfortable and energy efficient. Depending on the type of walls that surround it, you may have more or less amount of natural light.

If you are thinking of building your new home or remodeling your current one to get more natural light, as an Miami Interior Designer can help you make it happen.

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