Technical design

Working directly with the Sustainability and Design teams, establishes the necessary technical systems and strategies that improve the environmental and economic performance of each project, enhancing user comfort.
There are many aspects of team work that include: Structural Design, Home Automation, Architectural Lighting Design and Environmental Design.

Environmental Design

We design efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption along with strategies that ensures indoor environmental quality, in order to enhances user comfort.
We focus on many aspects and work with external consultants such as Building Physics, Architectural Lighting, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection, Vertical Transportation, Public Health and Sustainability.

Architectural Lighting

We use lighting to delimit and highlight spaces, enhance architectural elements, create environments, mark pathways and generate light intensities for different situations.
For the design process we analyze the activity type, the required light amount, the light color –color temperature-, the light distribution in space and the effect on the user.



This is our formula. We use home automation maintaining the sensitivity in the design of the spaces to achieve maximum well-being according to the needs of the client.

Structural Design

We also project think about how to hold up the building so that the Structure plays in favor of the architecture and not against it.

The team also works with other engineering consultants on projects, where the knowledge of local codes and third-party procedures may be beneficial.

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