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We feel comfortable because we have what we like, we can identify with the interior and see the elements that differentiate us from others.

We all like to feel comfortable within our homes. We have control of the interior to achieve maximum comfort through light, sound, and temperature. These are the most easily forgotten elements but they are also the most important. If one of these factors fails, we will surely be in a bad position and we would not be peaceful or comfortable.

Our objective is to design the interior that perfectly suits the client, and that can only be achieved by knowing the client and his or her home very well. We can not forget that the client lives in a home and we need to know how to interpret the home and the area to create a great space.

Fernandez Architecture offers the best interior design services by combining architectural knowledge and interior design knowledge. During our interior design process we propose different materials for finishes, furniture options, fabrics, lighting, and anything else our client needs to complete the space. The resulting spaces will be a reflection of the client in a harmonic space created with premium design. A good result would be the combination of decoration and technology.

Our interior design studio in Barcelona works following the LEED certification parameters in order to complete projects that are mindful of the environment, and guarantee comfort with non-toxic products.