10 Upgrades to Consider When Renovating Your Home

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10 Upgrades to Consider When Renovating Your Home

After getting your new home, you will have to focus on few upgrades it in order to transform it into a perfect living space. Here is a list of some of the upgrades that are available for you to try out. You can simply go through the list and discuss your preferences with your architect or interior designer.

High cabinets

Getting some high cabinets to the kitchen would provide you with the opportunity to utilize the available space in an efficient manner. These cabinets are ideal for storing pantry items.

Custom painted cabinets

By getting custom painted cabinets, you will be able to personalize your living space. The Miami interior designer you select would give you the opportunity to go for a color of your choice.

Deep over-fridge cabinet

The standard upper cabinets come along with a height of 12 inches. However, it is possible for you to upgrade them to 24 inches. Such a cabinet can make your fridge look built in.You can even try a wine rack in the space above your fridge!

Pans and pots drawers

The drawers that are being used to store pans and ports are deeper than standard drawers. However, these drawers are not just limited to pots and pans. You will also be able to store small appliances on them.

Glass fronted cabinets

If the cabinets have a glass front, you can easily see the items that are important. This will assist you to stay away from frustration while you are spending time in the kitchen.

Dedicated spot for the microwave

When you are upgrading the kitchen, you will have to think about getting a dedicated spot for your microwave. It would be a good idea to embed your microwave into the base cabinet. You can have the pans and pots drawers under it.

Upgraded tile

If you get in touch with a professional home renovation servicer provider in Miami, you will be able to get hold of a variety of tiles. They contain many different styles and you can think about going for them.

Wooden flooring to the upper hallway

Instead of keeping the standard carpet, you can think about introducing wooden flooring into the upper hallway. It is a cost effective method available for you to enhance the way how your home looks. You are provided with a variety of styles to select from as well.

Special grout

In some instances, you don’t need to upgrade the tile. Changing just the grout would be enough to make your home look good. You can discuss more with your Miami interior designer and you will be able to get hold of some valuable input. Check out this white tile with black grout:

Upgraded carpet pad

If you are looking for an alternative to make the floors look good instead of throwing away the standard carpet, you can think about upgrading the underpadding. This would be a cheap option available for you to consider about, while renovating your home in Miami.

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