Christmas decoration, an opportunity for change.

Christmas decoration, an opportunity for change.

December is characterized by many moments which means more time with family and friends, so our homes look different due to the Christmas decoration.

Changes in the home decoration can be simple or complex according to own taste, this change in the home will transform it in a lively and welcoming environment. Following decoration trends on 2017 there are different styles in order to decorate houses such as traditional, minimalist, stylish and modern.

Among the elements that are important in Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree full of red, golden colors and its nature inspiration. Christmas tables are designed with a perfect presentation for diners, garlands in any corner, Christmas figures, Christmas lighting of thousand colors, etc. A new design and Christmas spirit are given by new decorative elements in our homes.

Typical colors of this season are red, blue and white which will be combined with brilliant colors such as golden and silvered. Red plays the main role evoking love and passion, besides both red and golden can create places full of light and happiness. The blue color has positive connotations evoking calm and mixed with white is purity that help us to calm down.

Ultimately, the combination of elements and colors gives a new appearance to our home during Christmas, but what if we had this look all over the house longer?

Take the control of the interior to achieve maximum comfort through new colors and light became an attractive idea. Start the New Year with the purpose of making a change in our homes through refurbishing or change interior design. It is not so much a question of design, it is an opportunity to make the most of the space available too.


We advise you to continue with a harmonious space using colors such as pink, blue and green which will continue to give your home the peace of mind that colors of Christmas evaded you but in natural way (that means they do not evoke any celebration). At the same time you have to decide about the illumination. Light is essential in interior and it has the ability to enhance colors and shapes of furniture or other elements. Whether natural or artificial light, will change the apparent color. As Miami Interior Designer, I would work with both variables to create unique spaces that improve the quality of life at home. Besides, as Miami architect I can advise about viable changes with reform projects that would enhance the interior design job.


New Year, New Home.

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