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About This Project


Private House

Single wooden house in Mountain City.

This project ​​had the particularity that the clients were dedicated to the theater. Each client is a world and working with them we learn and experiment with new ways of working.

The meeting with the clients in our office, ​​we talked about how the house had to be, how it had to relate to its environment and their own needs. The project begins when we meet our clients and more when we visit the lot. The visit in the place of the project is very important for us since we see exactly what the future building will see and how it has to relate to its surroundings.
To begin we observe the unevenness of the lot and its access, views and orientation. What we like most is to interpret the place to maintain a dialogue of its own. We discovered thanks to the customers a centenary tree that was present in the lot that gave us conversation and work for the project.
Another very important issue for this project was respect for the environment and its materials, hence the work of the house completely in wood. Thanks to our knowledge in sustainable and ecological constructions we add to the project the installation of the roof of the house completely vegetal. We wanted to encourage our client that the roof of the house should be a continuation of the mountain floor and replace the space occupied by the house with the same as originally had. In this way we enter into the respect towards the centennial tree and its original environment.
The clients, as has been mentioned before, were dedicated to the theater, they were actors and therefore one of their needs was to have the maximum open space to work at home, having flexible and versatile spaces for the use both of home, of rehearsal room.

The project with these premises began to be outlined in such a way that the upper part of the house with the main access, had the entrance connected with the staircase to the day area and open to the room area. How one of the needs was to have the maximum open space, the rooms have sliding doors that once opened, practically it has the space included in the two rooms of the children, the access of the house and practically the width of the house in front of the double space that opens to the dining room as a platform.
The descent to the dining area, also has two large vertical windows that frame the centennial tree marking its presence at all times and more at the entrance to the house. The descent of the stairs now accompanies you the tree that has seen history pass by his side, now live with his new family.
Once in the lower area that is in contact with the lower part of the lot, the windows open and incorporate the garden being completely related to the house and causing the interior and exterior to mix.

The execution of the work, materials and furniture have been provided by us.

Interior, Private House