Do you know Key West? It is a wonderful island, also known as Bone Key, in the south of Miami, in fact it is the further south point of continental USA. It has about 27.000 residents and it is a very little island.

You can go there through a highway with a lot of bridges that cross all the keys until arriving Key West. Long Key, Vaca Key, Big Pine Key are some of these keys.

Key West is one of the most famous islands of Florida Keys. It is only 150 km from La Habana and here is where the famous writer Ernest Hemingway wrote part of his work. You have to visit it if you are in Miami or in a cruise by the Caribbean.

Last 6th September, tourist and residents of the island had to evacuate it because Irma Hurricane.

This hurricane is considered one of the most dangerous in the history of the Western Atlantic Ocean, and in Key West it arrived with category 4. Now the landscape is heartbreaking: died people, rubbles everywhere, boats in the middle of the highway…

Irma Hurricane has affected Caribbean islands and Florida, two of the most popular places of America. It started on 30th August in Cabo Verde and in only 24 hours it changed to hurricane category 2 and later a big hurricane. Only some days later, 4th September, it was a category 5 hurricane with winds of 295 km/hour, and when it arrived to Key West (6th September) it was a category 4 hurricane.

During 15 long days the Irma Hurricane destroyed touristic places like Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Florida, Miami, Virgin Islands…Now the most important thing is to rebuild houses and buildings.

And that is work for the Safety Assessment Program (SAP) and the architect Joaquín Fernández is part of it. It groups together certificated engineers, architects and professionals and inspectors of construction (also Miami home inspection) and they help local governments in the security evaluation of the cities after a disaster like Irma Hurricane.

SAP is formed by evaluators (engineers, architects and professionals and inspectors of construction) and coordinators (represents of local government) that coordinate the program.

As Miami Architect and SAP member we are going to rebuild Key West and other places. We have talked before about constructions and materials that resist to hurricanes, tornados and storms. The most important thing is to find the better way to rebuild cities.

For more information, contact Joaquín Fernández.

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