A good project ensures sales

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A good project ensures sales

Maybe you are tired of residential areas. These areas have wide range of buildings and developments without personal style.

When a good project starts, initial contacts can be a customer (own of a home or a future home), a developer, etc. These people will say their needs looking for a solution for problems. Their needs could be:

  • A new personalized home
  • Complete renovation of a home (house or flat)
  • Residential area with personalized homes
  • Renovation of residential area

Definitely, projects are focused to offer what customers want. The objective is offer something that has not been created yet, or it is something real but personal. A modern architect Miami has the main role in the design of a project.

Some trends that should include construction projects of a new house as well as renovation of houses:

Energy efficiency: this is more than a trend, it is philosophy of life (from architecture) in order to be able to relate us to resources (sustainable way). This feature is imperative in order to have efficiency designs adapted to the different areas.

  • For instance, incoming light should be designed in order not to increase the temperature more than necessary.
  • Taking into account the type of floor, optimized on this way the area.
  • Use of systems to control ventilation and offer air quality.
  • Insulation system and noise control.

Eco-friendly: it is the answer for society and environmental awareness, architecture is focused to sustainable and appropriate resources. Energy savings as well as recycling are the actual base of architecture.

  • Use of recycling materials as well as less harmful to human health.
  • Durability of materials are longer than before.
  • Use of material from the area, this reduce the transport (lower environmental impact)
  • Invest in renewable energy as reuse of water, solar panels, wind generator, etc.

Design: home design influences on wellness and comfort, so design must answer needs of each customer. Buildings are designed taking into in account all the environment (as we said about energy efficiency).

Ultimately, as Miami designer, I work to develop and schedule unique projects and environmentally friendly. The trends is a symbiosis between humans and natural, where humans must be adapted with nature.

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