A healthy building is a profitable building

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A healthy building is a profitable building

Sustainable architecture is a field with a positive future within the construction sector. The use of materials which respect environment such as the application of guided system for a better efficiency energy.

Some year ago WHO (World Health Organization) told about “Sick Building Syndrome”, a dangerous for the health. This syndrome is related to symptoms and illnesses which are caused by air contamination (closed areas). For that reason is necessary the application of different procedures and test protocols in order to fulfill legislation.

It is necessary the use of healthy materials, as Miami architect must choose materials apparently are not too much different (useful) but their consequences for the health are different. The implementation of actions and materials in order to build green buildings to achieve benefits.

Healthy buildings have several qualities and characteristics in order to live or work within buildings. One of the certifications is LEED certification, this certificate qualify from greater to lesser degree of sustainability. Some of these characteristics in order to categorize a building as green would be:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions, buildings help to control this type of substance in order to issue less greenhouse gases.
  • Reduction in water and energy consumption.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption. A building controls the illumination and ventilation, by getting allow daylight to enter as well as a better interior air quality.
  • An appropriate election of interior materials can reduce the cleaning as well as maintenance costs.

For a building to be healthy, it must be intelligent. In order to achieve the objectives this type of building is characterized by:

  • Automation and control of central heating systems
  • Ventilation control systems
  • Lighting control systems
  • Systems of access as well as security
  • Are equipped by efficient electronic equipment, so they know when have to be switched off.
  • Produce less amount of waste and elements are recycled.

In our Miami architecture firms are created this type of building but besides we design offices buildings. It is very important that this type of building are healthy due to their activity. In order to the finally of sustainability of intelligent buildings happens, it is important the part of human behavior. Their activity is which complete all sustainable project to works and be friendly with the environment.

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