Adapted residences for the elderly

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Adapted residences for the elderly

Life styles and the growth of life expectancy are factors which originate that every day the population tends to be aged. The needs of older people are satisfied in different ways, it origins new adapted developments in order to satisfy needs that would not satisfy a normal building.

The ageing of the population is a challenge for advanced countries, even it could be seen as a challenge or a growth opportunity. There are many sectors with investigation and technology development are focused to improve the quality of life of older people.

The last tendencies have the objective of improve home life, prevent the dependence as well as support caregivers of people depending. In order to achieve these objectives is necessary the installation of robot devices which give force, stability as well as security in each one of the daily activities.

As Miami architects residential we say that within construction sector this problem is solved with the creation of the environment which is adapted to shortcomings. These benefits are offered by residences; but there is too much work to improve these buildings. There are people who want live in their homes, so it is necessary built new adapted buildings for these types of needs.

The problem of someone lives in a different environment (it is their home) implies that it is isolated from its social environment and this does not become economically viable.

The problem of another person living in another environment (not in their home) implies that they are isolated from their social environment and this does not become economically viable. One of the solutions is the creation of housing in which they continue with their lives, earn quality of life, security and all those aspects necessary to improve everything. Some of the changes that are integrated into these buildings would be:

  • Improved accessibility and adaptable building: there are many barriers that can arise within a conventional dwelling in which adaptation to possible situations has not been taken into account. As special widths for the doors, doors that are opened automatically, greater amplitude in the house. To achieve adaptability is necessary to have the idea of seeking a space with breadth.
  • Adapted interior design: top Miami interior designers know the latest trends and novelties in furniture that adapt to the needs of older people.
  • Intelligent and sustainable buildings: these buildings must also follow the line of being intelligent and at the same time sustainable with regard to the environment. New information technologies help buildings to react authentically, which avoids physical strain and risk situations in the event of an emergency. Within sustainability they will help to save energy, reduce pollution, security systems, etc.

For buildings that have already been built, without taking into account this type of specifications, there is the possibility of rehabilitation. With this it will be possible for them to be adapted for the purpose discussed above.

In our architecture offices in Miami we work in this type of projects, either in the new construction of residences, family houses or the rehabilitation of these.

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