Architecture in this decade.

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Architecture in this decade.

“Every great architect is -necessarily- a great poet. The architect must be a great original interpreter of his time, of his time, of his age”. Frank Lloyd Wright.

The 19th century makes a point and a part, since until that time the architects only focused on representative monuments and buildings. From then on, architects will face the design of the house to find solutions to the problems of housing, habitability or hygiene.

Architecture evolves and is a representation of the times in which one lives.

The Fernández Architecture team of architects is clear: Architecture is meaningless as a financial, commercial and trend product. Architecture is a trend because it adapts to people; it is financial because it is an asset to present and future; It will be commercial when the particularity of the result of the creation makes it unique and therefore marketable as a work of art. For this reason, his efforts to ensure that this decade is the recovery of architecture. And how? Taking as principal referred to Frank Lloyd Wright, who without being a figure like the main ones of today, made with his work the greatness of architecture. Now he’s one of the greats, but at the time, he just focused on doing his job, and that’s being an architect.

The architecture of this decade is committed to sustainable development and sustainable architecture.
Society in general is evolving towards environmental commitment and architectural trends, as a social manifestation, too.
The use of recyclable materials, self-sufficient buildings and installations of all kinds that are respectful with the planet are more and more frequent.

But there is much more:

Passive houses
What emerged as a trend in architecture, the passive house, has become a philosophy of life and a way of understanding how the relationship with the environment should develop. The architectural design in these homes has the primary objective of using the available resources, maximizing energy savings. Thus, passive houses not only save their owners, they also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who inhabit them.

In our architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we have extensive experience in passive houses, one of our most representative projects is BCN we talk about this project on our blog.
You can see it here.

Open spaces
The commitment to integrate different areas of the home to create open and multipurpose environments is increasingly clear. It uses construction materials that serve as a link between the connected rooms and decorates the entire room in a coherent way, to gain space and light.

The representativeness and sequence of the interior spaces take on great importance, this is not to lose with the architectural tradition of Edwin Lutyens, followed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Home automation and smart homes
An upward trend, both for new construction and for renovated buildings. Automated systems to control the temperature, light or security of homes are increasingly in demand.
A smart building offers its users greater comfort and reduces consumption bills.

Reform, remodel:
The principle of achieving the best results while minimizing works is a trend this decade. Rehabilitating old buildings, and in many cases historical, to give them a new utility is something that has been observed in our cities for several years.
Also the reform of the houses to adapt them to the new social demands and to provide them with greater comforts. These actions have the advantage of a lower economic cost than the construction from scratch of the house or building.

We must highlight in this regard the experience of our architecture studio, acquired over many years in Barcelona with homes over 100 years old. For example, this FLORIDABLANCA APARTMENT REMODELING

The new minimalism
The trend towards minimalism in architecture translates into a commitment to simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials.
It is a trend to use quality materials to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation that will result in economic savings and an environmental benefit.

Novel construction methods
Structures made from recycled materials, such as plastic, or traditional construction methods will be implanted to stop environmental destruction and fight against climate change.

In this sense, at Fernández Architecture we know and work with these new systems to reduce execution time, construction costs and improve energy efficiency during the useful life of the building.

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