Bauhaus, 100 years old

Bauhaus, 100 years old

The symbolic school which stirred up and influenced the design known nowadays is 100 years old. Bauhaus was an internationally recognised school of craftwork, arts, design and architecture. It was founded by architect Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany, in 1919.  

This modern school for art, design and architecture belongs to heritage of UNESCO. As Miami interior design firms and architecture firms in Miami, we knows that Bauhaus is a strong influence in design institutions of the world, a legacy which continuous thanks to its quality and work.

Then this year will celebrate the union between art, design and architecture; besides this school influences to cinema, theatre, sculpture or ceramics. The main objective was to meet the demands of the population however without neglecting beauty and design.

In 1925 the school moved to Dessau where it had the best years under Hannes Meyer as director. However, in 1932 moved to Berlin (Mies vas der Rohe was the director) and would permanently closed in 1933.

But its legacy leaves no one indifferent and still has its place in art history books (where its works remain icons of modernity). On 6th April, a new museum opened in Weimar dedicated exclusively to the school and showing all that designed by both students and teachers.

On September, a new museum will open in the city Dessau, where people can see more about the day per day in the school. And Berlin will offer different tributes in this Bauhaus centenary.

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