Contemporary Art Museum, Odunpazari

Contemporary Art Museum, Odunpazari

In Central Antolia, in the area of Eskishehr is the district of Odunpazari (its meaning in Turkish is “wood market”) where there is a museum of a private collection of modern art, Odunpazari. The building is characterised by irregularly stacked volumes. Its opening is scheduled for next June.

The pieces have different orientation and size, so this building has been built in order to adapt it with suburban houses. Design is based on historical Ottoman houses which had upper level in wood corbel. The highest height of the building is composed by a central atrium, all building levels are connected to the central atrium. This central atrium is lighted by skylight which is connected with floor, so there are a large amount of natural light. As Miami residential architects and an interior designer Miami, the structure of the entire museum is fascinating.

The museum has 4.300 square meters and it will be the space of a great collection with international importance (modern and contemporary art pieces) from 1950 until the present. The project gather wood boxes (not closed) composed by strips inside and outside of the structure. The boxes are not similar, they have different sizes.

The museum is divided into three levels, the biggest spaces are in the first floor and while you up stairs the rooms are smallest and private. The objective of this construction is create a link between art and people. Finally, it is a sustainable building, environment is respected and long-lasting. A sustainable building is one of the most important trait to take into account.

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