Do you know what Passivhaus Architecture is?


Do you know what Passivhaus Architecture is?

More and more homes are projected under the parameters of the ‘Passivhaus‘ or ‘Passive House’, an ecologically conscious architecture trend that will not only improve your quality of life but also your economy. This is the design of buildings with low energy consumption. Specifically, what this type of architecture seeks, which we can call a movement, is to create buildings that have great thermal insulation, exhaustive infiltration control, and maximum indoor air quality.

In addition to taking advantage of the sun’s energy for better air conditioning, reducing energy consumption. We can even reach energy consumption 0 in some latitudes and climates.

As we say, more and more architecture studios are joining this trend, which have to take into account the basic principles that we detailed previously. But the Passivhaus standard, in addition to establishing performance, in interior temperatures, acoustic comfort and air quality, Passivhaus architecture, includes the guidelines for bioclimatic design in its buildings, taking into account the climatic conditions of the place, taking advantage of available resources such as sun, vegetation or rain to reduce the environmental impacts of construction, in addition to reducing energy consumption and using clean and renewable energy for energy consumption.

  • The orientation of the construction plays an important role, predominantly to the North hemisphere, in our latitude, to make the most of the hours of natural light.
  • It must have sufficient ventilation and good insulation of the walls, to achieve maximum efficiency while maintaining a stable interior comfort temperature.
  • Windows and doors must be of high performance. It all starts with a good orientation of the windows. The glass is low emissive to reflect the heat inside the house in winter and keep it outside during the summer.
  • Use of natural and ecological materials.
  • Recycling of the waste generated. Exterior elements of solar protection, such as awnings, blinds or pergolas.
  • A garden design if you had based on deciduous trees to take advantage of the sun in summer and enjoy the heat in winter.
  • The color of both the exterior and the interior walls also influences: the glare reflects the light and thus the spaces are cooled.

These are just some questions among many others.

All this may seem incompatible with an elegant or avant-garde design, and nothing further from reality, in our architecture studio, Férnandez Architecture, we try to satisfy the needs of any building designed by us, applying active and passive energy saving systems. But we also apply home automation to facilitate and automate the use of these systems, further improving their efficiency.

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The Fernandez Architecture team is specialized in this type of architecture and has a long history in this regard.

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