Qatar open a museum which will be desert`s icon

Qatar open a museum which will be desert`s icon

As architecture firms in Florida we are up to date with the latest news of architecture and one of the last news has been the completion of this project in Qatar.

Jean Nouvel is a French architect who was born in Fumel in 1945. He was selected in order to design a building which would become in the National Museum of Qatar and it would be achieved a desert`s symbol.

This National Museum of Qatar, opens in Doha, has 8.000 metres squared of exposition where history will be written. The building design suggests a “desert rose” crystallized (mineral formation) to show what is Qatar, “a met place between sea and desert” according to Jean Nouvel.

There have been more than ten years of project and construction for this building, it has been become in a very ambitious construction reinforced with fiberglass. Outward protruding parts of the building help shade an interior courtyard and also protect the interior from direct light.

Building plan is an elliptical tour with several galleries and these in turn surround the central courtyard. The useful of this courtyard is for events as well as a part of the tour.

Visitors will go across a route of more than one kilometer, and they will see from the first humans on the peninsula to the present day. A read travel through pictures and videos with projected dioramas in the walls.

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