Ruby City, the museum of red art in Texas

Ruby City, the museum of red art in Texas

The art center Ruby City will be opened in October in San Antonio (Texas), a project was designed by David Adjaye (British Firm). This building has been designed in order to create a creative space with pieces of art of international and national artists.

As architecture firms in south Florida had attract attention with interior and exterior design of this built building by David. The architect have been described as a “shy building”.

The building is composed by panels of red-toned precast concrete that will shimmer in the light, thanks to an aggregate of glass, volcanic rock, mica and other components. However, a long cloudy days red toned is low and bright pink. This construction, due to its original shape, modifies and merges with the arid landscape characteristic of this area of Texas.

This building has an area of 1.300 square meters, an angular roof. It has a series of strategically placed windows that offer views out to a park; inside there is a grand staircase connecting the different expositions rooms with cement floor and white areas. Surrounding the building there is a sculpture garden with a grass area delimited by red cement with an uncertain finish.

The architect has followed all these characteristics which are based on the guidelines of the founder of the Foundation, Linda Pace. This new contemporary center will be the place of the Linda Pace Collection, a collection composed for more than 800 sculptures, paintings and art installations from everywhere.  

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