The largest indoor waterfall is in Singapore

The largest indoor waterfall is in Singapore

As interior design companies in Miami this building have get our attention. Nowadays, interior design of airports is focused to create center with a life style.

The world’s largest indoor waterfall is a great project which have done in Jewel Changi airport in Singapore. This new terminal has 137.000 square meters where a forest has been created with water sources and commercial areas.

This airport was opened on 17 April 2019, a building has 10 storeys where there are a waterfall with 40 meters high; it has been designed by Safdie Architects.

This architecture studio designed a great indoor garden and the waterfall (of rain water) is in the middle. Its name is Rain Vortex and it is the world’s largest. Through the center of the cupola (glass and steel structure) fall almost 38.000 liters of water per minute.

During the night, the water of the waterfall is lighted with different color light, a water jump which cross 7 storeys covers by vegetation. Canopy Park, a garden, has nets in order to bounce and walk up to 80 feet above the ground. It is a garden with almost 1,500 trees that provide vegetation and shade.

An architects and designers group designed all the structure of the garden and a commercial center with incredible structures within the airport. A glass building, doughnut-shaped, is connected to city systems of transport and airport terminals.

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