The Louvre Pyramid, its designer leaves us his legacy

The Louvre Pyramid, its designer leaves us his legacy

Louvre opening`s was in 1793 in Paris, meaning the transfer of private collections to publicly owned galleries. In 1983, Ieoh Ming Pei was named in order to set up a new big entrance to the Louvre Museum. A decision in order to be able to receive the increase of public and organize the museum interior.

Last 16th of May Ieoh Ming Pei dead. He was an American architect of Chinese origin and he was recognized as an innovator architect as well as lush architect of 20 century. Some of his work of art: John F. Kennedy Library, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Ohio), Bank of China Tower, Macao Science Center and much more. His last work of art has been Museum of Islamic Art of Doha, Qatar, it’s finished in 2008.

As Top Miami architecture firms has seen how this architect contributed modern architecture, defined as coldness and ornamentation lack, life and sense.

One of the most beloved work of art was The Louvre Pyramid, although there was not public support at the beginning. It was opening on 29th March in 1988, build with glass and aluminum. These characteristics caused a strong contras between classic style museum and modern style of the pyramid.

It has a height of 21 meters high with a square base of 35 meters on each side and is made up of by 673 panels. The pyramid has the same proportions as Keops pyramid and three little pyramids go along. There is an inverted pyramid which can be seen from basement in the carrousel access and it is literally suspended.

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