The majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame

The majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is catholic cathedral of the Paris archdiocese, capital of France. This building is on the Île de la Cité surrounding by Seine River. It is one of the most popular building of the French capital.

As interior design firm in Florida had studied the Cathedral interior. This building has a Gothic style whose construction was begun in 1163 and finished in 1345; however, there were several adaptations over centuries due to refurbishment and the evolution of each period. Gothic styles introduced pointed arch, commonly known as pointed. This characteristic allows highest and wider buildings.

It has a Latin cross floor divided in 5 naves and has double ambulatory. Towels has a 69 meters height and you need up 387 stairs; the central needle has a height of 96 meters. There were several architect who had an opportunity to work in this project, for that reason there are different styles of construction.

In the 1970s, after Industrial Revolution, Notre Dame was demystified. This building suffered thefts of cultural property and desecrations of imagery. With the arrival of the Romantic era also changed, a remodeling that lasted 23 years and there were changes such as: new stones, interior chapels, altars, a rosette and gargoyles.

In 1871, this building could be fired by social movements but not happened. However, the last 15th of April Notre Dame fired where a big part of the roof, central needle and rosettes were destroyed. As a lot of south Florida architects this event was a sad new due to the fact that it is an architecture symbol.

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