Values of good design with historical tradition

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Values of good design with historical tradition

Architecture is an active discipline and is a mirror of the stage of history being lived. As an architecte Miami I have studied and seen how history has influenced every step of architecture.

Each stage of history can be defined by its architecture. See history through architecture thanks to the principles, ideas and works that were realized. We do not want to go back very far in time, but it could be said that architecture began in the prehistoric periods, where work with stone was already beginning. And we will take a look at some of the periods in the history of the planet to understand how human life is what directly affects architecture.

In ancient times architecture was associated with priests or rulers. The reason is that the threats of war (of constant rhythm) as well as the role that gods and demons had in the population. In the case of Egypt, the Pyramids are an example of extraordinary work and a reflection of what mattered at the time.

Classical antiquity is a very important change as well as advance in architecture (by Greeks and Romans). Here we looked for spaces to show citizenship as well as routine activities. In the case of the Greeks, the agora would stand out. A space open to the public that was located in the center being surrounded by markets as well as public buildings. The religious theme was still taken into account as a war; but other spaces were already being thought of in which these themes were taken into account.

The modern age is a radical change, because all that aesthetics as well as medieval techniques are rejected. Now architecture does not have religion as its center, but thinks about the position of people in front of the universe. The renaissance makes that there exists separation of sciences and arts, ideas were taken from the previous thing but they were incorporated with other forms.

The contemporary age reflects a great number of changes, since it is an epoch characterized by a great number of technological advances as well as sociocultural changes. Then the modern concept appears, where the society is conformed by a more formed society, a varied aesthetic education as well as new social relations.

Currently the contemporary trend is towards a building that is sustainable and cares for the environment, with the use of straight lines that reflect the modernity of the buildings. Architecture has always been consistent with the facts and life in each period. Hence, each construction should not be colour or form without meaning, but a reflection of life.

In our architecture offices in Miami we work on different types of projects, but we always keep in mind a number of basic principles. Each project is unique but within the trends of the moment.

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